Apple Likely to Launch High-end AirPods Pro by October Last

Apple Likely to Launch High-end AirPods Pro by October Last

Apart from what Beats brand has contributed, AirPods is the only line-up Apple has when it comes to wireless earphone accessories. According to the latest reports, Apple may be launching an upgraded variant of their earphone lineup — AirPods Pro — later this month. The new device is expected to have a brand-new metal-based design and better quality. China Economic Daily, which posted about the decision first, also noted that the new device would have a price tag of $260, instead of the $159 of AirPods. Apple hasn’t commented on this claim so far.

The China Economic Daily is not the first one to break the news. In fact, Ming-Chi Kuo, who is dubbed as one of the most credible Apple analysts in the world, had mentioned earlier that the company will be launching an advanced set of Bluetooth earbuds by the end of 2019 Q3. He, however, had not shared either the details or the pricing changes in the device. It should be noted that the plan goes in sync with what Apple has been trying to do with other products like iPhone and iPad devices. In the past years, the company has launched at least one premium version of these devices.

The fact that AirPods has a huge user-base can also be counted as a reason why Apple is working on such a premium version of the device. At least, there will be people who are ready to AirPods Pro, especially if it will be offering advanced sound quality and durable designs. Although primarily mocked for the design and potential issues in practicality, AirPods has now become one of the trendiest gadgets in the course of time and many other companies also followed the move. We will have to wait till another common Apple-event date to find out what happens.

Apple Likely to Launch High-end AirPods Pro by October Last

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