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Queensland: Theme Park Going Back into Business as COVID-19 Case Decreases

Queensland is showing a high-recovery rate as weeks pass by while coronavirus cases drop. The good signs of state recovery were possible for Queensland because the guidelines were strictly being implemented in the area and the citizens were also willing to cooperate. Among the guidelines and other preventive protocols, it includes social distancing for about […]

Russia's Finished Clinical Trials Vaccine Pressures Australia?
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Russia’s Finished Clinical Trials Vaccine Pressures Australia?

Australia is among the countries that belong to the first world country. Together with AU are United States, New Zealand, Japan and etc. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced in public from his words which states “world’s first”, after finishing the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials. Russia belongs to a second world country together with China, Poland […]

"It's Okay to Not Be Okay"
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Soul-Healing Korean Drama “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” Left with a Happy Ending and Highest Rating

On weekend, the popular Korean drama “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” ended leaving positive marks both in the story’s plot finale and ratings. Ever since the drama was first aired in television and other video website platform including Netflix, it had attracted the audience’s attention. In the drama’s finale, it became the highest-rated episode […]

Significant decline in Queensland's Coronavirus Cases Show A Good Sign
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Significant decline in Queensland’s Coronavirus Cases Show A Good Sign

Latest Coronavirus case in the State of Queensland A brand new day in Queensland waking up with the world’s uncertainty and hilarious plot twists. On Monday, it’s been an uncontrollable day prior to the increase of coronavirus cases in Australia. Queensland is among the state of Australia reported having no new confirmed cases, together with  […]

Prescription medicines
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Spend Less in Prescription Medicines if Bought at the Right Locations in Brisbane

Did you know? It was recently found out by the investigation of New Corp Australia that prescription medicines are being sold expensively outside Brisbane due to extra charges put up by the pharmacists? Prescription medicines that are commonly given to patients such as Amoxicillin and other antibiotics had a price plunge after they came off […]

President Donald Trump Signs Executive Order for Unemployment Benefit: A Positive or Negative Move for the Upcoming Election?
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President Donald Trump Signs Executive Order for Unemployment Benefit: A Positive or Negative Move for the Upcoming Election?

Source: SlatePresident Donald Trump signed an executive order and three memoranda providing financial aid in federal enhanced unemployment benefits during the coronavirus pandemic crisis. The signed executive order and memoranda include the enactment of payroll tax deferment to the American citizens who has less than $100,000 yearly earnings and a proposal to defer student loan […]