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Portugal Telecoms Exclude Huawei

Three companies who dominate Portugal’s mobile phone markets said that they would not use Huawei technology in their core 5G networks despite the government not banning the Chinese group form supplying critical infrastructure. The NOS, Vodaphone and Altus which together serve nearly 100 percent of Portugal’s mobile customers, all say that they decided not to […]


Trump Walks Back On Election Delay Idea

President Donald Trump took the world by storm yesterday bu suggesting that the presidential elections scheduled in November should be delayed due to the pandemic. Trump’s suggestion was based on his claims that mail-in voting will be subject to fraud and inaccuracy. The president however did so without offering any evidence for his claim. But […]

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Trump Floats The Idea of Delaying Election

President Donald Trump has raised the notion of delaying the upcoming election scheduled for November this year. Donald Trump has suggested that the Mail-In will be subjected to fraud and inaccuracy without offering any evidence. Trump has again turned to Twitter to express his concerns, suggestions, and opinions about the postal voting in America, which […]

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Brazil Caught In US-China Tensions

The United States ambassador to the Brazil has warned of consequences if President Jair Bolsonaro’s government partners with Huawei to develop Brazil’s 5G network. In an interview to a Brazilian Daily E-American envoy warned Brazil against ignoring U.S. advice on Huawei. The United States has been running a global campaign against Huawei urging countries to […]


Indonesia’s Fiscal Deficit Expands to 5.2%

Indonesia’s government will propose to parliament expanding its 2021 fiscal deficit assumption in its biggest economy of Southeast Asia region. It should be 5.2 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). 2021 fiscal deficit was expected to be between 4.17 percent to 4.7 percent of GDP. Speaking after the cabinet meeting, Indonesian Finance Minister said President […]