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China’s Nuclear Scientists Resign Amid Pandemic


China has started its nuclear program in the 1950S. China has more than 300 nuclear warheads, it is expanding its capacity and it has hit a major roadblock.

Why Have 90 Scientists Resigned In One Time?

Alarm bells are ringing in Beijing

The communist party of China has launched an investigation, they are calling the mass resignation as ‘brain drain.’ But considering the ‘brains’ were China’s bet nuclear minds, possibly with access to sensitive information.

This is indeed quite a drain. These people were supposed to drive China’s most ambitious projects but now they are driving out of state-run research centers.

In China’s eastern city of Hefei, the Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology (INEST) is the institute that loss 90 scientists in one go. They know longer wish to work there and the communist party is not happy about the decision.

What Is The Role OF INEST In China’s Nuclear Programs?

INEST is part of the Hefei’s Institute of Physical Science. this is under the state-run Chinese Academy of Sciences which is China’s top research body.

INEST specializes in advanced nuclear energy and safety technology. It participates in more than 200 national and international projects.

It has about 600 members, 80 percent of the researchers have a PhD degree. They are working on some serious and important projects like strategy research and nuclear energy and nuclear safety, stuff like designing and engineering new nuclear reactors, research on nuclear emergency and radiation protection.

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