Gmail Extensive Redesigning; Provides More Convenient Service
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Gmail Extensive Redesigning; Provides More Convenient Service


Gmail extensive redesigning provides a more convenient service to users. It adds up more features significant for them. It includes chat, rooms and meet.

Know more about Gmail

Gmail is an email service that is designed free. It is developed by google for efficient communication, sharing of significant files and other contents.

It can be accessed through a mobile app and in browser via In order to access the platform, you need to create a unique email. It should follow  your email address with

Afterwards, you formulate your own password making sure it’s not easily opened by anyone. This email service is easy to use and guaranteed to keep your shared files and messages safe.

You could also organize mails according to your convenience. It started on 2004, made different changes. After 16 years, google decided to make a major redesigning which happened this year(2020).

Why does the major changes in Gmail provide a more convenient service?

As described by the Google developers, it is intuitive, efficient and useful. It has a storage allocation (15 GB), less spam and available mobile access.

From using gmail to organize professional and business email. It undergoes a transformative move. Google has added new features like messaging, video chats, shared file access, virtual meeting rooms, real-time collaboration which are all available in gmail.

An official blog post was published in google cloud’s blog section. Highlight of the blog’s content is for who would have a major advantage of this large update.

July 18, 2020 Update:

I have been tipped off that the delay for everyday Gmail users to receive all these new features is likely to be longer than expected. While the new service is rolling out for G Suite subscribers, I understand that while Google may drip feed aspects of this overhaul to regular consumers, they are unlikely to see a full redesign before 2021 at the earliest.

Google is prioritizing businesses with these upgrades, which is understandable. That said, the global Coronavirus pandemic has forced an unprecedented amount of home working for businesses big and small, as well as the self employed who may not be G Suite users, so hopes were high that the changes would be reflected for all Gmail users sooner rather than later. 

July 16, 2020 Update:

We’re also enhancing the collaboration features in Chat rooms by adding shared files and tasks, making rooms an even better solution for longer-term projects. With quick access to shared chat, important documents, and to-dos in one place, it’s easier for everyone in a group to stay on the same page.

Google Vice President Javier Soltero also heard multiple reactions from users saying that switching between apps interrupts their flow and their focus.

“That’s why in this new integrated experience, we’ve been thoughtful about how to help you work more fluidly.”

he said, to address the concern.

Users’ reactions to the major change of Gmail

The big redesigning of Gmail has reached billions of followers worldwide. It has reached that far being the most successful and most used email services around the world.

It acquires some good feedback from its users. Comments and reactions include they love the redesigning of gmail  made. Some sounds like “Good Job” gmail.

Gmail Extensive Redesigning; Provides More Convenient Service Gmail Extensive Redesigning; Provides More Convenient Service

However, there are some having issues on the log in attempts and logging out. Some calls for an answer for the issue. Gmail actually reached out to some and replied an exact steps to leave the feedback.

Gmail Extensive Redesigning; Provides More Convenient Service

If you happened to have a feedback regarding the issue you are experiencing, you can follow the steps given by Gmail’s official twitter account.

One way or another, the extensive redesigning done by google helps users in terms of convenience. Especially in businesses wherein some are following a work from home manner. It was made easier and lessens the chance of ruining your focus. Specifically in transferring from one platform to another.

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Gmail Extensive Redesigning; Provides More Convenient Service

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