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Google Sued By Australia Amid Data Privacy Issues

Australia Google

It seems that the trouble times are not over for search engine giant who has now being sued here and there.

Australia’s competition regulator has launched court proceedings against Alphabet unit for allegedly misleading consumers about expanded use of personal data for targeted advertising.

Regulator alleged that Alphabet unit used combined data to boost targeted advertising. It is a key source of income and it did not make clear to consumers about changes in its privacy policy.

The case said Google did not explicitly get consent for or or properly informed consumers about a 2016 move to combine personal information in Google accounts with activities on non-Google websites that use its technology.

The move also comes at the time of heightened attention in much of the world on data privacy issues.

United States and European lawmakers have recently stepped up their focus on how tech companies treat user data due to privacy concerns.

The regulator also said this practiced allowed Alphabet unit to link names and other ways to identify consumers with their behaviour, elsewhere on the internet.

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