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Huawei Becomes Top Phone Manufacturer in Spite of Security Issues

Source: ZDNet

Huawei tops as phone manufacturers according to Canalys. The company 55.8 million shipments in the second quarter have placed it into the top spot overtaking Samsung.

Huawei has been on the limelight in the phone manufacture industry because of the alleged security threats leading the brand to be banned both in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Although the sales of the Huawei brand had slightly gone down because of the pandemic, however, it is also due to this “slightly” that it was able to be Top 1 in sales. Huawei sales had only gone down by 5% while Samsung had a huge sales loss as sales decreased by 30%.

Huawei being banned from the United States and the United Kingdom had shown negative effects in the international sales, however, during the banning period, the sales from mainland China has covered over 70% of the sales in the second quarter.

The Huawei has released a statement,

“Our business has demonstrated exceptional resilience in these difficult times. Amidst a period of unprecedented global economic slowdown and challenges, we’ve continued to grow and further our leadership position by providing innovative products and experience to consumers.

As we look towards the future, where 5G, AI, and IoT will grow increasingly ubiquitous, our focus will remain on executing our All-scenario Seamless AI Life Strategy. Our technology – from smartphones, tablets through to PCs and wearables – is grounded in our commitment to consumers and fulfilling their needs.”

The domestic sales have increased by 8% but the overseas shipment fell by 27%. It is obviously difficult for Huawei to maintain the top spot in the long term if the international market recovers.


Huawei Sales in Quarter 2:

Canalys noted that the “strength in China will not be enough to sustain Huawei at the top once the global economy starts to recover.”

Caption: Canalys Estimates




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Huawei Becomes Top Phone Manufacturer in Spite of Security Issues

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