Hundreds Of Elephants Died Strangely in Botswana; Humans Again?
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Hundreds Of Elephants Died Strangely in Botswana; Humans Again?

Hundreds Of Elephants Died Strangely in Botswana; Humans Again?

Last Month, a pregnant elephant died because of fatal injuries in its mouth and tongue , due to eating a fruit packed with firecrackers.

Humans were blamed for it, whether the mother elephant ate it herself or it was being fed to her.

Hearing or reading a death of any animal, you can always think of humans as the primary cause to blame.

Massive number of elephants died mysteriously in Botswana, Okavango Delta.

As stated in the African Wildlife Foundation:

Botswana is home of the world’s largest elephant population, and one of the last strongholds for African elephants as poaching continues to decimate populations.

As the poaching crisis continues unabated, Botswana’s airports and border crossings have also been identified as a major hub for wildlife traffickers to export their bloody contraband to markets.

Reports from Inquirer:

Natural toxins likely killed hundreds of Botswana elephants.

No signs of poaching were seen as tusks were found intact.

From the phone interview of the Wildlife and Parks Department boss Cyril Taolo. He told the Agence France-Presse :

Preliminary tests conducted in various countries far have not been fully conclusive and more are being carried out

But based on some of the preliminary results that we have received, we are looking at naturally-occurring toxins as the potential cause.

To date we have not established the conclusion as to what is the cause of the mortality. Some bacteria can naturally produce poison, particularly in stagnant water.

According to Elephants Without Borders, a charitable organization dedicated to conserving wildlife and natural resources:

The elephants have been dying in the area and deaths are not limited to young or old and male or female.

Several live elephants appeared weak, lethargic and emaciated, with some showing signs of disorientation, difficulty in walking or limping.

No conclusions were released yet, several tests are being conducted from different countries already.

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Hundreds Of Elephants Died Strangely in Botswana; Humans Again?

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