Beijing Debars Three Wall Street Journal Reporters

Beijing debars three Wall Street Journal reporters. The Chinese government declared Wednesday that it would repeal the press credentials of three Wall Street Journal journalists the biggest such dismissal of overseas media from the country in latest years.

Declaring at a press briefing Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said the dismissal was because of an impression piece published by the US News organization on February 3 called China is the real sick man of Asia.

Geng said that the editors utilized such an ethnically biased caption, setting off resentment and criticism amidst the Chinese people and the international community.  Deplorably what the WSJ has accomplished so far is nothing but evading and sidestepping its culpability. It has neither provided administrative regrets nor briefed them of what it plans to do with the persons counted in, as such it is pronounced from today the press cards of three WSJ reporters will be repealed.

Chinese officials have progressively utilized visa curtailments to portray infuriation with or exercise constraint over foreign media in China. Many foreign journalists have been commissioned short term visa rather than a normal one year visa.

However, it is extremely unexpected for an international journalist to be dismissed from the country.

In an article about the dismissal on its website, the Wall Street Journal said that its deputy bureau chief Josh Chin and journalists Chao Deng and Philip Wen had been provided five days to abandon the country.

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