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Free Mental Health Services Launched in COVID-19

An initiative for helping Indians cope up with mental health issues during the lockdown.

Mind Voyage, a Mumbai-based online therapist and counseling service provider, has announced details about free mental health services it is making available to Indian citizens. The objective of these free sessions is to support people with psychological needs in lockdown as the offline therapy sessions are temporarily suspended due to the coronavirus crisis. The services will be provided on-call and absolutely free of cost. The sessions are solely intended to help the needed to cope up with mental health issues during the lockdown.

With the nationwide lockdown probably getting extended further into another phase, mental health issues are likely to get higher. According to a report by the Indian Psychiatry Society, there has already been a 20 percent rise in mental health issues since the first phase of the lockdown in India. To cope with this rising number and help fight mental illness during these difficult times, Mind Voyage has offered 30 minutes of free phone call conversation with Rasika Karkare, a leading Counselling Psychologist in Mumbai who is also the person behind these therapy sessions. 

According to reports, India today has a third of the world’s cases of depression, addiction, and suicide. To add to it, there is a wide gap in the treatment of patients suffering from mental health issues because of a lack of awareness, affordability, and the stigma attached to mental health in India. Given this situation, there is a dire need for mental health workers to come to the forefront and offer help in every way possible. COVID-19 crisis is a crucial time for people with psychological difficulties to get help. It is not good suffering in silence. This initiative is going to help all those individuals who are looking for any kind of psychological aid in these difficult times.

Mind Voyage is a website that offers a range of services pertaining to relationship issues, depression, stress and anxiety, work stress, family issues, and self-esteem issues. Users can engage with a counselor on a one on one telephone call and get the solution to the problems they are facing. There is also the provision for face to face therapy sessions. Ideally, users are encouraged to come for face to face interaction with the counseling psychologist. However, the current situation makes it difficult for this to happen. This initiative is perfect for helping individuals who are stuck at home and need help in dealing with any kind of stress be it work-related or a strained relationship. All that needs to be done is to book an appointment via Mind Voyage. Besides that, the website also has a blog section where users get to read helpful mental health-related articles and get answers to the most commonly asked questions.

While a session is always charged for, it has been kept pro bono till the last day of lockdown. The objective of this service is simple – to make people realize that there is always someone who is listening and ready to help even during a crisis.