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Australian Solar inverters are now being installed on Brisbane Homes


Solar buyers are led to believe there are only two places of inverter Manufacture origin, China and a few made in Europe. Never would one expect a solar inverter to be made in our backyard, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. But it turns out MIL SOLAR is cranking out 50 of these a month!

Mil systems have been around since 1985 but primarily been leasing their manufacturing and engineering service and skill to the Australia Defence Force.

MiL Solar inverter Eclipse 5000 installed in Brisbane
Daniel, of QLD Solar & Lighting standing proudly next to his businesses first MIL Solar inverter installation at a house in Bridgeman Downs. It is used as part of a 6.6kw Solar System.


On the 17th June 2020, a MIL Solar system was installed in Bridgeman Downs by local Solar Business, Queensland Solar & Lighting.

We talked with QLD Solar & Lighting, CEO. Daniel Jarrett. “Our customer was like many other rights now, tired of seeing cheaper Chinese products by the masses, but wanting a quality option. He checked out our website and seen the Australian solar inverter, called me up and said, ‘MIL! – The Australian inverter that is manufactured in Melbourne. That’s Mine! I want that one. Consumption monitoring and everything. ‘We are doing the 370w Longi panels with the Mil Solar inverter and consumption monitoring. I love supporting Aussie made, deal done.’ $6800 later and a deal was done. The system is expected to pay for itself within 3 and a half years. It’s great for people who are happy to wait only a year longer for the system to pay for itself and reward themselves with awesome products. An Australian Made solar inverter with consumption monitoring and great monitoring. Incredible.”
Australian Solar inverter being installed by electrician

Mil Solar inverters are probably the smartest looking solar inverter on the market. Not only that, but they are also heavy AF! These things are built by MIL SYSTEMS, a company that has spent its whole life on building products for the Military, it appears that they have forgotten they are building a solar system for a suburban house. The MIL Solar Eclipse 5000 inverters are built in such a way that you would think that they would survive an atomic bomb blast.


The Mil Solar inverters come with an option to monitor the energy consumption in the house too. This is in addition to the normal monitoring of the energy that the MIL inverter is inverting, that WI-FI monitoring is standard. With the consumption monitoring, it works exactly the same as the Fronius Solar inverter and it’s Fronius Smart Meter. You can save money by seeing how much energy you are using and adjust the consumption of an Air Conditioner. This is done by working out what Temperature is the most efficient for your household or business.

Mil Systems are being sold all around the country now. A lot of companies in South Australia are using Mil Solar inverters with Australian made Tindo panels. These are being sold in many ‘Save Australia – Buy Australian Made’ Dick Smith style campaigns. We think many Australians are buying Australian as a show of fight-back to recent world events. Many more people would be interested in installing an Australian made solar inverter on their house. When purchasing a solar system for your house consider using a MIL inverter.

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