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You can now get Eyelash Extensions in Ipswich again

Redbank Plains Eyelash Extensions business now open after lockdown

Chiko, of Chiko Lash Ipswich, is in a mind of two worlds.

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While Chiko is excited about being allowed to reopen her eyelash extension business after the covid-19 lockdown, Chiko also has another exciting issue to deal with. She is pregnant with her first baby.

Eyelash extensions redbank plains

“It is really great to be able to open up again to serve and see my existing clients after such a long lockdown period. People from all over Ipswich and Brisbane are coming, but the thing is they are all coming back at once! Slowly I have been seeing them one by one.

It has been really good and very exciting actually. Most of them have also referred their friends, so I am getting a lot of business that way. Business was really ramping up nice and strong before the lockdown. The covid-19 lockdown came, and that was the end of it. Haha. I’m busier now more than ever that now there is just one other roadblock in the way, but this time a pleasant one, I am pregnant with my first baby. This means that there will probably be a small break where I can’t do my client eyelash extensions for a little while, but I’ll be keen and excited to get back to work after a short break. Definitely some exciting times ahead for chiko eyelash Ipswich!”


Chiko is quality obsessed

Chiko believes her high demand stems from the fact that eyelash extension technicians undergo superior training in Japan than they do here in Australia. Most of Chiko’s clients are onto their third or fourth different eyelash technician before they settle and become a regular customer who sees her for eyelash refills.

Eyelash Extensions in Brisbane

“I am fully qualified as an eyelash technician and hairdresser in Japan. Japan is so strict in you need to have a hairdressing certificate if you want to only specialised in eyelash extensions. I have been a client at other Australian eyelash extension stalls in the past and I would definitely say, without being biased, that Japanese eyelash technicians do a better job. There are many Australian eyelash technicians that do a excellent job, however I just find that the level of care and quality is all over the place compared with what you get back home in Japan. Japan is a culture that is very quality orientated. The standards are set a lot higher.”

Chiko hopes that Brisbane and Queensland continue to report minimal cases of Covid-19, and that the time she is ready to come back to work, she will be allowed to work.

Eyelash extensions in Ipswich

“It would be really good if there are no more covid-19 cases in Brisbane and it is all under control while I give birth to my baby at the hospital in around two months time. I am really excited to see my clients after having my baby. I’m also looking forward to the experience of running my small business while having the challenge of being a first-time mother. Exciting times are ahead!”

Chiko Lash eyelash extensions redbank plains

If you would like to book in with Chiko you can contact her via Chiko Lash Instagram or her website.

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