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Top Glove Wraps Up Production Due To High In-Demands

Malaysian-Based Rubber Glove Company Soars Production Amid Pandemic As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, world’s largest medical glove producer, Top Glove surges their production capacity. The Malaysia-based company plans to invest $1,000,000,000 U.S. dollars in 5 years to expand and modernized its production facilities. Its executive chairman and founder, Lim Wee Chai, said that […]

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Walmart Pushes Shoppers To Wear Masks

Walmart Reminds Customers To Wear Mask Before Entering The Store The world’s largest retailer, Walmart, mandates customers to wear masks in all their United States stores. This new policy announced on Wednesday, July 15, will take off starting next week, Monday. Out of 11,500 stores around the world, 3,500 of its stores are located in […]

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Free Mental Health Services Launched in COVID-19

An initiative for helping Indians cope up with mental health issues during the lockdown. Mind Voyage, a Mumbai-based online therapist and counseling service provider, has announced details about free mental health services it is making available to Indian citizens. The objective of these free sessions is to support people with psychological needs in lockdown as […]


Reducing Early Brain Inflammation May Ease Alzheimer’s Progress

Reducing early brain inflammation may ease Alzheimer’s progress. The latest research in animal models explains that targeting early brain inflammation may slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. The American Association for Anatomy (AAA) had planned to present this research in the annual meeting which was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The study was […]


How Will Climate Change Affect Viral Infections Spread In Future?

How will climate change affect viral infections spread in future? Researchers have explained that ecological degradation, rising temperatures, and extreme weather events could negatively affect human health caused by viruses. The latest research predicts that the complexity of interactions between climate, nature, and human activity will cause climate change and increase the spread of viral […]


How Sporadic Fasting Alter Liver Enzymes And Assist Circumvent Disease

How sporadic fasting alter liver enzymes and assist circumvent disease. Researchers in Australia have utilized futuristic analytical instruments to comprehend how sporadic fasting operates on the liver to stop the disease. The discoveries will assist medical scientists in functioning in cancer, cardiovascular and diabetes research advance contemporary involvement in lessening disease probability and find the […]


Dementia Gene Heading Soccer Balls Escalates Brain Probability For Specific Players

Dementia gene heading soccer balls escalates brain probability for specific players. Surprising contemporary proof from medical probers in New York indicates that heading a ball in soccer in which participants set in motion with their heads, can engender cognitive damage in the members of the sports who are equipped with dementia connected gene. The discoveries […]


Contemporary Computational Instruments Recognize Different Interweaving Alterations In Bellicose Cancers

Contemporary computational instruments recognize different interweaving alterations in bellicose cancers. A multi-institutional group of researchers spearheaded by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has a connection to a robust cancer propeller gene to alterations in proteins that control substitute interweaving. The researchers generated contemporary computational instruments and biological model systems for the study. Yi Xing, Director for […]