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Diamond Industry Loses Its Shine Amid Pandemic

Pandemic Presses The Diamond Industry Downwards Diamonds may be forever but the future of those in the industry may be far from clear. When the coronavirus outbreak started, sales on diamond companies plunged, making 10% of its transactions online. Consequently, the pandemic pushed couples to freezed their wedding plans. However, analysts say that the devastating […]

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Top Glove Wraps Up Production Due To High In-Demands

Malaysian-Based Rubber Glove Company Soars Production Amid Pandemic As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, world’s largest medical glove producer, Top Glove surges their production capacity. The Malaysia-based company plans to invest $1,000,000,000 U.S. dollars in 5 years to expand and modernized its production facilities. Its executive chairman and founder, Lim Wee Chai, said that […]

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Whiskey Lovers: Paper Bottles Will Affect the Drink’s Taste

In a press release on Monday, manufacturer Diageo announces the launch of Paper-bottled Whiskeys by the year 2021. The company offers whiskey lovers a planet-friendly packaging without compromising drink quality. Johnnie Walker in partnership with Pilot Lite starts a firm Pulpex Limited. With the project, the two develop the world’s first-ever 100% plastic-free bottles. Drinks […]

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COVID-19 Urges U.S. Companies’ Internships To Go Online

Impact Of COVID-19 To Internships Some companies in the United States was prompted by COVID-19 to switch to remote working. This changed forced companies to go virtual in their internship programs. A number of businesses in the U.S. have slammed the internship programs that they offer. On the other hand, most of them continues to […]

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Walmart Pushes Shoppers To Wear Masks

Walmart Reminds Customers To Wear Mask Before Entering The Store The world’s largest retailer, Walmart, mandates customers to wear masks in all their United States stores. This new policy announced on Wednesday, July 15, will take off starting next week, Monday. Out of 11,500 stores around the world, 3,500 of its stores are located in […]

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British Government Decides To Ban Huawei 5G

‘Golden Era’ Between United Kingdom And China In Commercial Relations Ends After Cutting Ties With Huawei Half a year have passed since the British Kingdom approved Huawei’s involvement in the progress of their network. However, UK’s decision turned upside-down after banning Huawei in the country’s 5G network. UK thinks Huawei could possibly be a threat […]

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COVID-19 Pandemic Dips Middle East’s Economy

Middle East’s Economy Will Lose Out Amid Pandemic Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and low oil price, numerous citizens of United Arab Emirates have lost their jobs. In these alarming problems, Middle East economy will fall into recession. On the contrary,as due the alarming pandemic, Islamic Pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia will not take place as […]

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‘Charity Isn’t The Answer’: Millionaires Demand Government To Increase Their Taxes

‘Millionaires For Humanity’ Makes A Sign On Letter For The Gov’t As the COVID-19 pandemic strikes the world, millionaires around the world urges the government to taxed them higher. Over 80 millionaires pressed the gov’t by making an open letter. Requesting to raise their taxes, immediately, substantially and permanently. In this way, they could help […]


Geologists Discover Lost Shard Of Archaic Continent In Canada’s North

Geologists discover lost shards of an archaic continent in Canada’s North. Sieving through diamond inspection specimens from Baffin island, Canadian scientists have recognized a contemporary residue of the North Atlantic craton, an archaic segment of Earth’s continental coating. An opportunity discovery by geologists deliberating over diamond inspection specimens has caused a prominent scientific culmination. Kimberlite […]