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Mexican Company Copes Up With Unique PPE

mexican company

Mexican company has invented an inflatable suit to protect medical personnel from coronavirus infection.

Unlike ordinary suits, this includes a device which provides fresh air to the interiors. It also comes with a sensor which regulates the air pressure.

The inflatable suit is completely sealed and can be easily worn without any glasses or even a face mask.

It is inflatable so we don’t get infected. The difference with this and other PPE equipment is that the others fog up. With this, you have greater visibility, greater comfort and more movement.

Victor Dominguez, a paramedic, said in their colloquial language.

With fatigue affecting health workers on the job, the inventors of these inflatable believed that it has a potential to save lives.

It’s a head-to-toe suit that is completely sealed, with waterproof material. It features an electric controller that regulates the pressure inside the suit. This positive pressure allows the suit to inflate a little. It means that air pressure goes out but it doesn’t come in. It eliminates the use of a face mask and goggles that would fog up, mainly eliminates heat fatigue.

Fernando Aviles, director of XE Medica said in an interview.

The Mexican company also provide a battery which runs the system last for 8 hours, although the suit can also be plugged in with an electrical outlet.

The Mexican company is determined to distribute huge bulk of the specialized suit but the cost has not yet been decided.

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