Through Day and Night
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Flopped Movie “Through Night and Day” A Big Hit After 2 Years

Through Day and Night

“Through Night and Day”, a Filipino movie was released in 2018. Only a three-day premiere, the film was shut down in cinemas due to a lack of viewers. After 2 years, the movie goes to become a big hit in Netflix and sits as the Top 5 most-watched film in the Philippines.

The movie had lackluster box-office as it had failed to reach a gross income of 1 Million pesos on their opening day of show.

On its opening day the movie “Through Night and Day” only earned a meager 600,000 pesos, which is lower than other flopped released movies.

“Through Night and Day” is an emotional and romantic movie genre. The film highlights the feel of missed opportunities. The film is starred by Alessandra de Rossi, Paolo Contis, Joey Marquez, and several more artists.

This week, after the movie claimed a spot as one of the most-watched films in Netflix the actress Alessandra de Rossi tweeted her theory,

“Sabi ni God, sa quarantine kita ilalabas. When everyone needs pure love and understanding. Tama sya.”

The actress even let out a joke that in 2018, back when the movie was released she said that she singly promoted it. Alessandra also shared her experience when she came into the cinema back in 2018 only to see that there were only 4 people watching it.

Still, even though the movie did not profit much back then the actress still believed in the movie.

The actress revealed that she was supposed to be the writer of the movie since the plot was originally her idea however she felt pressured since she is also going to be the leading lady. Alessandra then decided to let her close friend Noreen Capili write it for her.

Alessandra mentioned that the movie was challenging. It required for her hair to be shaved off to fulfill the given role. Though it was hard on her, she gave thanks because shaving her head became all worth it.

“I’m happy we picked the right people. Thank you God for bringing us all together,” Alessandra added.

Currently, the movie has received so much praise on various social media platforms. Viewers even posted their disappointment as to why they did not support the movie the first time it came out.

“Through Night and Day” Synopsis:

Through Day and Night

The couple Ben (Paolo Contis) gifts his fiancée Jen (Alessandra de Rossi) a trip to her dream destination. The couple then takes a once in a lifetime trip to Iceland and discover the unique scenes and views the country has to offer. During this trip, both characters will find their relationship tested in many unforeseen ways. The couple who are about to get married turns the trip into an eye-opener exploration of each other’s faults and personality differences. This realization event has the possibility of ruining their future.


Viewers Reactions and Comments on the Movie:

Although the film was released in 2018 it had captured the audience this year. As the movie gained a lot of attention these past few weeks. Many viewers had left a positive review of the movie “Through Night and Day”.

The movie was praised for the writer for a good plot, how well the actors portrayed their roles effectively, the director as well as the rest of the staff who helped in the making.

Through Day and NightThrough Day and NightThrough Day and Night

Through Day and Night
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Many viewers commented that the movie is a tear-jerking and moves the viewers’ emotions as the movie progresses. The sequence was said to be well accompanied with great background music which helped in elevating the viewers’ emotions.


Flopped Movie “Through Night and Day” A Big Hit After 2 Years

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