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New Brisbane Coronavirus Cases

New Brisbane Coronavirus cases have been recorded in the state of Queensland.

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A 27-year-old man tested positive for COVID-19 overnight and has been declared the fourth case in the cluster sparked by the two women who allegedly lied to sneak back into Brisbane from Melbourne.

It is believed the man contracted the virus from another person who had already gotten the virus from others who unknowingly had Covid19. The man is believed to work at a Aged-care facility in Brisbane.

The QLD State Premier is reassuring Brisbane residents to be on alert but to still remain calm. Any sign of Covid-19 symptoms, to definitely seek testing as soon as possible.

This now means that Covid-19 is potentially out of the bag well and truly amongst the Brisbane community.

“It’s confusing, I do apologise,” chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young said while explaining the bizarre link.

Over 10,000 coronavirus tests have been conducted in Brisbane in the last 24 hours. There is also a mad rush from NSW residents trying to squeeze past the border to beat the 1am deadline on Saturday.

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“We do believe, as I said, that he contracted the infection from one of his relatives who attended that restaurant in Sunnybank on 23 July, which was one of those venues that the first case who went down to Melbourne attended,” Dr Young said.

“We are fairly comfortable that that’s probably where he’s got it but we will do contact tracing for him now as to who he might have come into contact with.”

Alarmingly, the relative works at an aged care facility, which has now enacted a COVID-19 emergency response plan.

“That is a very important, very rapid response and that aged care facility has done a very, very good job already this morning,” Dr Young said.

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