Privacy-Protecting Modes
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Privacy-Protecting Modes Are Not Safe as You Think It Is!

When surfing online, it has been a custom of users to surf internet sites using browsers with privacy-protecting modes. These modes may vary in each browsing media in Mozilla Firefox it is called “Private Browsing”; “Incognito” in Google Chrome and “InPrivate” in Microsoft Edge. Since the privacy-protecting modes have been known to the public, the […]

"Train to Busan: Peninsula"
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Reasons Why “Train to Busan: Peninsula” is Worth the Watch or Not

  “Train to Busan: Peninsula” is a standalone sequel of the box office hit film “Train to Busan” in 2016. The standalone sequel was released on July 15 and immediately caught the moviegoers’ attention. In the first week the “Train to Busan: Peninsula” was premiered it had already overtaken the movie “Alive” in its position […]

2020 Online Flexible Learning: What You Should Prepare
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2020 Online Flexible Learning: What You Should Prepare

Most of the schools and universities adapt online flexible learning. Distant learning for seriously affected and blended learning for partly affected areas. There are around 213 countries already affected by the pandemic. However, education can not be stopped, as they say “We can’t solve today’s crisis from the solutions of yesterday”. The young generations are […]