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Portugal Telecoms Exclude Huawei


Three companies who dominate Portugal’s mobile phone markets said that they would not use Huawei technology in their core 5G networks despite the government not banning the Chinese group form supplying critical infrastructure.

The NOS, Vodaphone and Altus which together serve nearly 100 percent of Portugal’s mobile customers, all say that they decided not to use Huawei kit in the core systems of their 5G networks which cover service, gateways, and routers that forward traffic to the antenna.

The question of whether or not to use Huawei for next generation mobile networks has become a major issue in Europe and it intends diplomatic pressure from the United States to ban the Chinese group.

The Portuguese government has so far not taken a stance but Infrastructure Minister Pedro Nuno Santos told Reuters that it is not a priority with issues with any manufacturer.

Core mobile networks carry higher surveillance risks because they incorporate more sophisticated software that processes sensitive information, such as customers personal data.

Vodaphone Portugal has been working on preparing its 5G network with its preferred and historic partner, Ericsson.

The three telecom groups decisions regarding Huawei allows the Portuguese government for whom China is a key business partner and the United States is also a major ally, not to take a stance.

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