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Reasons Why “Train to Busan: Peninsula” is Worth the Watch or Not


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“Train to Busan: Peninsula” is a standalone sequel of the box office hit film “Train to Busan” in 2016. The standalone sequel was released on July 15 and immediately caught the moviegoers’ attention.

In the first week the “Train to Busan: Peninsula” was premiered it had already overtaken the movie “Alive” in its position as the top local box office hit.

Fans of the movie’s first part “Train to Busan” have mixed reactions and reviews about the second movie.

The google reviews showed that the movie has only a 3.6% rating.

Here are the moviegoers’ reviews of the movie as to why “Train to Busan: peninsula is not worth it to watch:

“I’m in the cinema watching this right now, it’s so disappointing that I’m actually writing a review half way through to movie. The story is really weak compared to the predecessor. The first movie’s story was compelling, engaging and you’re always at the edge of your seat as you want the characters to escape as if you were with them. Most of the characters were memorable, even some of the extras.This movie sacrificed the a lot of potential storytelling and replaced it with a lot of action sequence which i did not mind and it was great but I wanted a bit of story to back that up. Its kinda like a combination of World War Z, Fast & Furious, Mad Max & Baby driver with how good that girl was driving, how did she even train herself to drive like that in a post-apocalyptic world? The little girl’s care free attitude was kind of cringey at times. The main villain as kind of cool especially at the end, but how was he appointed as the leader of a group that’s so brutal and violent when he doesn’t show any dominance at all.” –Nino.


“Entertaining but nothing like the first movie. Now, if you are a man, passionate of zombie movie or good action movies woth a slightly interesting plot THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR YOU.” -Cosentino


Although many viewers left with a bad impression on the movie, there are others who supported and liked the sequel and vouches that it is worth it to watch. Here are the reviews they left in google:

“Worth it to watch. Full of actions, especially in cars that can make you smirk. It’s awesome! The attitude of every cast in this movie can make you realize some things. It’s all about family, even in strangers, even though you’re not related in blood but still, you wann save them because you want it. The cast are very good in acting! They nailed it! Awesome! It’s not really easy to do some actions stuff but their actions, their expression, and even the tone of their voice, really amaze me.” –Miss R


“Worth it to watch. This movie is pretty good. It have some good action scenes especially the driving it was mind blowing. But I think 1st part is much better than this one. I hope there will be a 3rd party too!” -Kumar.


In totality, the main point of the critics revolves around the fact that “Train to Busan: Peninsula” showed more man vs man conflict amid the zombie apocalypse. Some viewers did not like it since they needed more survival actions of man vs zombies, however, part of the viewers opposes to the idea saying that man vs man as the focus of the part II movie was more realistic.

Movie “Train to Busan: Peninsula” Information:

Director: Yeon Sang-ho

Writers: Joo-Suk Park and Sang-ho Yeon

Budget: $16 Million

Language: Korean

Production Company: Next Entertainment World

Stars of the Film: Dong-Won Gang, John Michaels, Jung-hyun Lee and other casts



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Reasons Why “Train to Busan: Peninsula” is Worth the Watch or Not

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