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What We Know: Corona Virus (COVID-19) Intriguing Facts

Corona Virus Disease 2019, “COVID-19” was recognized as the greatest challenge humankind had to face since World War 2. Today, during COVID-19 pandemic all nations help each other in pursuit of formulating effective vaccines and medicine. COVID-19 is a highly infectious disease reason why many people had lost their lives with the death poll still […]

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China’s Nuclear Scientists Resign Amid Pandemic

China has started its nuclear program in the 1950S. China has more than 300 nuclear warheads, it is expanding its capacity and it has hit a major roadblock. Why Have 90 Scientists Resigned In One Time? Alarm bells are ringing in Beijing The communist party of China has launched an investigation, they are calling the […]


Researchers Discover Contemporary Miniature Planets Beyond Neptune

Researchers discover contemporary miniature planets beyond Neptune. Utilizing data from Dark Energy Survey, researchers have discovered an additional 300 Trans Neptunian objects, miniature planets situated in the far extremities of the solar system involving more than 100 contemporary discoveries. The study explains a contemporary perspective for searching homogenous objects and could assist ensuing searches for […]


Universe Expansion Puzzle Has Been Solved

The universe expansion puzzle has been solved. The Earth, solar system, the complete Milky Way and a handful thousand galaxies nearest to us maneuver in an extensive bubble that is 250 million light years in diameter where the standard density of the matter is half as high as the remaining universe. This is the conjecture […]


Biomass Fuels Outstandingly Diminishes Global Warming

Biomass fuels outstandingly diminish global warming. Biomass fuels obtained from innumerable grasses could notably alleviate global warming by lessening carbon. In a recent paper, the researchers scrutinized a plethora of varied cellulosic biofuel crops to examine their perspective as a petroleum substitute in ethanol fuel and electric light source vehicles which involve passenger cars and […]


Contemporary Kind Of Throbbing Star Found

Contemporary kind of throbbing star found. A star that palpitates on just one side has been found in the Milky Way approximately 1500 light years from Earth. It is the initial of its kind to be discovered and scientists anticipate discovering a considerable quantity of homogenous systems as technology to pay attention within the throbbing […]


Climate Change Adjustment, Its Going The Wrong Way

Climate change adjustment, it’s going the wrong way. When it comes to adjusting to the impacts of climate change, scientists and policymakers are contemplating too minuscule, as per contemporary research. The authors debate that society should concentrate minimal on how individuals answer to such climate issues like flooding and wildfires and rather estimate what it […]