Privacy-Protecting Modes
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Privacy-Protecting Modes Are Not Safe as You Think It Is!

When surfing online, it has been a custom of users to surf internet sites using browsers with privacy-protecting modes. These modes may vary in each browsing media in Mozilla Firefox it is called “Private Browsing”; “Incognito” in Google Chrome and “InPrivate” in Microsoft Edge. Since the privacy-protecting modes have been known to the public, the […]

Telstra Malicious Traffic Attack: Australian User "Rubbish Customer Service"
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Telstra Malicious Traffic Attack: Australian User “Rubbish Customer Service”

During lockdown, people are forced to work from home. Works made it possible through online connections and communication. A trending topic in Australia amid lockdown of several areas is the cyber attack which downs Telstra network. According to one of the Telstra users, Paul Rebec to the telecom: Can you send people texts making them […]

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Huawei Becomes Top Phone Manufacturer in Spite of Security Issues

Huawei tops as phone manufacturers according to Canalys. The company 55.8 million shipments in the second quarter have placed it into the top spot overtaking Samsung. Huawei has been on the limelight in the phone manufacture industry because of the alleged security threats leading the brand to be banned both in the United States and […]

U.S. Planned To Ban Tiktok: What If Banning Reaches In The Philippines?
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U.S. Planned To Ban Tiktok: What If Banning Reaches In The Philippines?

After India officially banned TikTok and other Chinese phone apps, U.S. banning of the said app was brought up again, after already been discussed from the past weeks. A question has been brought up: What if banning of tiktok reaches the Philippines? Tiktok is a social network for sharing your skills in different perspectives. Videos […]

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Portugal Telecoms Exclude Huawei

Three companies who dominate Portugal’s mobile phone markets said that they would not use Huawei technology in their core 5G networks despite the government not banning the Chinese group form supplying critical infrastructure. The NOS, Vodaphone and Altus which together serve nearly 100 percent of Portugal’s mobile customers, all say that they decided not to […]

Philippines, U.S. and India: Leading Countries Reserved For Future Mars Mission
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Philippines, U.S. and India: Leading Countries Reserved For Future Mars Mission

Reservation for future Mars mission has been the topic of the different popular social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter). As of August 1, 2020, there are more than 2.5 million reservations already. Among the list of countries who signed up for the Mars mission. Here are the top 10 leading countries: Philippines, United States, India, […]

Fifa version 1.24 update PS4
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Fifa Update 1.24 for PS4

Changes made in Fifa Update 1.24 for PS4 FUT: Changes made: Removed TOTW and FUT Champions Bronze Player Item rarities from displaying on the Special Quality Filter as these items are not present in-game. As you can see it is a very disappointing update. Not many changes were made at all. Only one. A very […]

Australia Google
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Google Sued By Australia Amid Data Privacy Issues

It seems that the trouble times are not over for search engine giant who has now being sued here and there. Australia’s competition regulator has launched court proceedings against Alphabet unit for allegedly misleading consumers about expanded use of personal data for targeted advertising. Regulator alleged that Alphabet unit used combined data to boost targeted […]

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Twitter Eyes On Subscription Option Amid Pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic has hit businesses across the world. And now, social media giant, Twitter is also exploring additional ways to make money. The ‘microblogging’ platform is eyeing subscription options to generate more revenue from its users. The app has suffered a sharp decline in the score of advertising business. Many advertisers have pulled out from […]