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Trump Floats The Idea of Delaying Election

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President Donald Trump has raised the notion of delaying the upcoming election scheduled for November this year.

Donald Trump has suggested that the Mail-In will be subjected to fraud and inaccuracy without offering any evidence.

Trump has again turned to Twitter to express his concerns, suggestions, and opinions about the postal voting in America, which has been introduced because of the ongoing pandemic.

Trump has said that the Universal Mail-In Voting would make November’s vote the mast inaccurate and fraudulent election in history and it will also be a great embarrassment to the USA.

Without providing any evidence, Trump has suggested that Mail-In Voting would be susceptible to foreign interference.

Trump also said that the postal voting was already proving to be a catastrophic disaster in areas where it was being tried out.

Six U.S. states have been planning to hold all-mail ballot elections this November.

California, Utah, Hawaii, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, these states will automatically send postal ballots to all registered voters which then have to be sent back or dropped off on election day.

Although some in-person voting is still available in certain limited circumstances. But half of the states have allowed any registered voter to vote by post on request.

Critics of postal voting argue that people could vote more than once via absentee ballots and in person.

However, according to numerous nationwide and state-level studies over the years, there is no evidence.

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