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Trump Threatens To Send In National Guard

Trump Threatens To Send In National Guard

For the last two weeks, the city of Portland in the United States has resembled a bit of a battleground. The city has witnessed nights of violence since Trump’s forces descended on Portland enough after weeks of clashes.

The Trump administration is planning to withdraw some of its forces from the city. However, the U.S. homeland security has said that the pull-out is conditional on city police protecting the federal buildings.

The department also added that the withdrawal will only come after the guarantee that the federal courthouse will be secured.

However, Oregon governor Kate Brown has announced that the troops will begin their faced pull-out.

But the clampdown in Portland has drawn widespread criticism from officials across the country . The forces faced widespread backlash for arresting protesters in unmarked vehicles and without identification.

The demonstrators have seen the deployment as a ploy by Donald Trump to campaign heavily on a platform of law and order.

There are just four months ahead of the presidential elections. But despite this announcement, Trump has doubled down the need for federal intervention threatening to send in the national guard if the violence were to escalate further.

The administration is also sending federal agents in Chicago, in Kansas City and also in Albuquerque.

Now, the deployment comes as a part of operation legend to support local law enforcement in the city.

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