U.S. Planned To Ban Tiktok: What If Banning Reaches In The Philippines?
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U.S. Planned To Ban Tiktok: What If Banning Reaches In The Philippines?

U.S. Planned To Ban Tiktok: What If Banning Reaches In The Philippines?

After India officially banned TikTok and other Chinese phone apps, U.S. banning of the said app was brought up again, after already been discussed from the past weeks. A question has been brought up:

What if banning of tiktok reaches the Philippines?

Tiktok is a social network for sharing your skills in different perspectives. Videos are created and uploaded in seconds or in just a minute.

Users are able to share tips and tutorials, lip sync, original recordings, dance moves, paintings, photography and many more.

The app is able to build different connections and learning as videos are seen for free and easily accessed. You don’t need to upload a video to watch impressive videos from other content creators.

How come India banned Tiktok, and U.S. planned to ban it?

As stated in the report from BBC:

India’s government claims these apps are using data illegally, and secretly collecting information from people’s phones when they download the apps.

It says its letting its citizens using these apps is a threat to India’s national security.

On Friday, U.S. President Donald Trump also informed that his administration is already taking action against TikTok,

The said banning issues was influenced by the concern of national-security and censorship.

On the other hand, Filipinos are also fond of uploading videos on Tiktok mostly for entertainment. There are those who made it a passion and worked hard to earn millions of followers. It has been used by some to link their other social media accounts, and get a revenue from their works.

In the middle of pandemic where most cities are in lockdown and quarantined, the app has been the ultimate getaway of the boring daily routines.

If ever banning would reach the country, the reason would be most-likely privacy and national security.

However, it has not reached yet into that point as there are more significant issues to work on.

Nevertheless, Tiktok emphasized in its safety center the mission of the app which is to inspire creativity and bring joy, especially amid global crisis.

As a global community that thrives on creativity and expression, it’s important that users feel safe and comfortable in this community. Our policies and tools are developed to promote a positive and safe environment for our community, and we trust that users will respect and utilize these measures to keep TikTok fun and welcoming for everyone.

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U.S. Planned To Ban Tiktok: What If Banning Reaches In The Philippines?

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