China's Global Soft Power: Tiktok; Will It Be Ban On America?
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China’s Global Soft Power: Tiktok; Will It Be Ban On America?

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Will America Ban Tiktok?

For some, Tiktok is a harmless video-sharing app, a platform for hidden talent, but most see for what it is, a platform for vulgarity and a national security threat.

Weeks after the app was officially banned in India, it is staring at another ban, this time in the United States.

The same security concerns about the app are picking up steam in the U.S., there are fears that the data of American users is falling into Beijing’s hands.

Earlier this week a U.S. senate panel approved a bill which bans federal employees from downloading and using the app.

It is titled the ‘No Tiktok on Government Devices Act’, clearly the Americas do not like being subtle.

The new act very categorically states that no member of the U.S congress or any employee of any government corporation will be allowed to download Tiktok and not just the said app. They should not download any app developed by Tiktok’s parent company, ByteDance.

So far, the ban is only for government employees but there are growing demands that it should be expanded to cover every American citizen.

America is Tiktok’s largest market, it contributed to eight percent of Tiktok’s overall installations between January and June this year.

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